Membership Terms & Conditions

Unlimited Monthly Memberships

All Unlimited Monthly Membership dues are non-refundable, paid in advance of service and will be automatically renewed on the date of sign-up, each month at the current rate unless a cancellation request is submitted thirty (30) days prior to cancellation. Members must agree to pay listed fees for late and/or declined payments.

Monthly Memberships, Fundamentals, Specialty Events/Courses, and Personal Training

All prepaid memberships, Fundamentals, specialty events or courses, and Personal Training are non-refundable, paid in advance of service. No exceptions may apply.

Membership Cancellations

The member may request cancellation of this Agreement after: 

a. the expiry of the minimum term of three months; or 

b. expiry of any applicable special deal; provided any and all instalments and/or fees up until the date of termination are paid in full. In order to cancel this Agreement, the Member must contact Adapt CrossFit and give one-month notice in writing of the termination. Any payments that fall due within this notice period shall be payable in full and the member shall be entitled to full use of the gym for any time paid for during this notice period. The Member shall not consider that this membership has been terminated until such time as this is confirmed in writing to the Member by Adapt CrossFit.

Cancellation of membership is final. Any future application for membership will be assessed at the terms and rates applicable when the Member reapplies.

Daily Passes (Drop-ins)

All prepaid Daily and Weekly Passes are non-refundable, paid in advance of service

Additional Fees

Late Payment of Fee

A late payment fee of $25 will be charged on any payment past due more than ten (10) days. Membership fees must be paid effective the 1st day of the billing cycle when due. Membership may be cancelled, at the discretion of Adapt CrossFit if fees are not timely paid.

Insufficient funds of Fee (Ezidebit)

Our direct debit payment provider: Ezidebit charge $14.80 failed payment fee if there are insufficient funds in your account

Refund Processing Fee

ALL Membership dues are non-refundable, paid in advance of service. A refund processing fee of $25 will be charged on any disputed charges.

Early Termination Fee

Monthly renewing clients may cancel memberships by completing the Cancelation Form thirty (30) days prior to the billing day of the month to be cancelled. There are no refunds for membership fees and Adapt CrossFit will not prorate a cancelled membership.

Automatic payment is required for ALL monthly membership plans.

Adapt CrossFit may alter its location, operating hours, type and quantity of equipment, and type and frequency of its classes from time to time in its sole discretion. Fitness training is an evolving science. Thus, Adapt CrossFit reserves the right to change its routines, classes and equipment to accommodate such evolution.

All prices are subject to change without prior notice

All efforts are made to keep our pricing and special promotions information up to date and accurate. Please contact us to confirm pricing and available membership options.

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