September 18

Meet The Members: Ben Kwan


Ben’s been training at Adapt for a little over a year, and he’s come a long way in quite a short time. Originally, it was his partner Sarah (who’d joined Adapt first) that convinced Ben to give it a shot – I sat down with Ben to get the lowdown…

What do you do for a living?I’m a psychologist working mainly with young people.

How long have you been CrossFitting for?Just over a year.

What’s your favourite movement or workout?Powerlifting, but have also been enjoying more gymnastics work.

What’s your biggest accomplishment since you started training at Adapt?I got my first ring muscle up a few weeks ago with the help of Josh which felt awesome!

What gets you going outside of CrossFit – eg. what do you do for fun?Seeing friends and family, playing with the new puppy, and just going to events depending what’s on i.e. shows, concerts.

How about training goals? Any weaknesses you’re working on?I’m always working on my cardio, it never stops! But also Olympic lifting is an area I probably should work more on.

Paleo, Macros, Keto or Vego? What do you do for nutrition?I have a fairly balanced healthy eating pattern, but I don’t get too strict on what I am eating, rather just focusing on what is sustainable for my lifestyle.

Fave workout tunes?Probably the hip hop tunes.

Do you have any “up until recently” strongly-held beliefs that have changed – eg. you used to believe A but now, you believe B – and why? I used to believe I didn’t run well, but now I believe I just didn’t want to run – my running is fine. LOL

What advice would you give to someone thinking about starting CF but is too scared?Just give it a go, it’s better than you think it’s going to be


meet the members

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