September 18

Looking for healthy meals on a budget – Check this out!


If you don’t want to meal prep – and you like pre-made, ready to eat, healthy options – always be on the look out for a bargain 😉

If you’re any good at meal prepping then feel free to skip the following story on finding an absolute bargain when outsourcing your nutrition 😉

I’m not really a fan of prepping meals – I rarely do it – and it’s not because I don’t have the time – I mean I’m sure I could find the time – but to be honest, I’d probably prefer to be doing something else – anything else

If you’re like me and would also prefer not to spend your spare time on meal prep – then you’re probably going to have to outsource your food and spend money on ready-to-go, healthy options from companies like Youfoodz, My Muscle Chef and Core PF

Recently I’ve notice that Woolworths have a selection of ready to eat, 3-min-in-the-microwave meals with decent macros under the title of Balanced Nutrition


  • The Balanced Nutrition Meals go for a about $9-10 (Woolworths)
  • Most Youfoodz go for some somewhere between $8 (ALDI) and $9.95 (IGA, Caltex or direct from their website)
  • My preferred ready to eat meals come from My Muscle Chef and these are usually available at your local IGA for $9.95 each
  • If you don’t mind thawing out your food and/or microwaving meals straight from the freezer – you can go for some meals from Core PF for $9 a pop (Coles)

While it may be super convenient to outsource your nutrition to companies that make fresh and frozen ready to go meals – it can really start to add up, especially if you go through 2 per day, like I tend to (A: lunch and dinner or B: dinner 1 and dinner 2)

If you’re not short of of a quid, time poor or couldn’t be bothered prepping your meals ahead of time then I guess that’s the trade off: your time or your money – But if you add up how much you’d usually spend on take-out or less healthy options, when you’re too tire to make something nutritious -> is $100 on 10 meals worth it, is $100 a week to get the body you’ve always wanted worth it?

Be a Bargain Hunter

Here’s the thing – if you’re always on the look out for a bargain (and yes, you should be) you might be able to get yourself 10 meals for less than $50 – let me explain…

Coles, IGA, Woolworths, always have specials and sales – all you have to do is duck in from time to time to see what’s on offer

Because the meals are fresh, they all have a use-by-date and if there still sitting on the shelves, closer to that date, they usually get marked down – Although I think IGA are the worst at this (I’ve seen expired meals still sitting on the shelves)

I hate to say this because I used to consider myself a “Coles” guy but Woolies of late is definitely the best for ready to eat bargains

Becca and myself braved the Mall last Saturday to duck into Woolies in the hope that we’d find a bargain and they didn’t disappoint – we found a few of the balanced nutrition meals that had been marked down multiple times and and we ended up grabbing 3 meals for $2.47 each -> that’s just over $7 life tokens for 3 meals?! – they all expired the next day and because we didn’t have anything planned for lunch, we took them home and had them for lunch #winning #hittingmymacros

Try it for yourself

So if you don’t have a personal chef, you couldn’t be bothered to meal prep and you don’t want to have to sell your kidney to pay for macro-friendly, nutritious, pre-prepared meals – keep your eyes peeled for a bargain…

  1. Know where to look (Coles, Woolies, IGA, Supabarn)
  2. Buy when they’re on special – the closer to the use-by, the cheaper they’ll be 😉
  3. Freeze fresh options if you can’t eat them within 24hrs, then thaw, reheat and eat straight away

If you’ve got any questions on dialling in your nutrition or you’d like me to show you how to lose weight, reduce your body fat and put on lean muscle, then you should definitely schedule in a one on one session with me

~ Ben


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